This sweet mama won my session from a local Mother's Day giveaway and I had no idea how lucky I was that she won! When I first asked about her family and kids she told me to be prepared for them to be "naughty". Which made me laugh because I get this so much from larger families and I feel it too when I am wrangling my 3 kids. BUT my favorite kind of sessions are the ones where the parents are letting their kids explore, run and be wild. When I was 5 I know I didn't want to sit and pose for a boring session and neither do they. I LOVED that she let them be silly and didn't try to control their every move. Whenever I shoot a family as incredible as this I am quickly reminded of how much I love this career and why I chose it. The memories will fade but the pictures will be there forever. I want you to look back and smile, to remember all the silly and loving things your kids did when they were that age. I want you to feel the happiness through the image. AND that is why I love unposing, a type of photography based on feelings and relationships not poses.