Hi, I'm Rosie.


Welcome to my page! A few things about me- I LOVE fall, coffee and the Gilmore Girl's. Hands down my favorite thing to do is to escape for a day at the river or in the moutains with my lovely little crew. I am a mom of 3 crazy little kids - Austin, my 8 year old who can't seem to stop growing and at the same time doesn't want to stop being my baby. Charlotte, my 6 year old that wants nothing to do with being my baby, is ALWAYS shoeless and is full of sass. And last but not least, Anabelle, my dreamy little three year old that just recently started wearing the sweetest little hot pink eye glasses.


I'm lucky I get to do something I've always dreamed of and that is all thanks to the amazing support from my family. I started a blog a few years ago with the idea of doing photography but not having any equipment to do so. My husband bought me my first camera and pushed me out the door to the coffee shop everyday for a year so I could learn how use the thing without kids poking me every 5 seconds (I mostly sat and drank coffee but shhhh..). Then he let me drag him and the kids on a million adventures so I could practice everything under the sun. I fell in love.

I fell in love with the images I got of the kids being together, playing and interacting. I fell in love with our adventures and the memories we were making. I fell in love with the fact that I could hang onto that tiny moment for just a little longer and that is when I decided to take my hobby to a career.


I am here for you from the moment you book with me. We will envision and dream together. The day of your wedding or session will be fun and light, the flow will be very natural and I will never put you in poses or ask you do things that are out of your comfort zone, expect ADVENTURE, LAUGHTER, SNUGGLES. Expect to spend a few more unforgettable moments with the ones you love.

I want to find your real raw moments, the ones that make you perfectly imperfect. The moments that make you laugh out loud or squeeze your honey just a little tighter. The only expectations for your session is that you come and that you be exactly who you are meant to be and all the while don't forget to laugh a little harder and hug a little tighter.